TADS Young People Wellbeing Centre Registered Charity Number 1173392
TADS Young People Wellbeing Centre Registered Charity Number 1173392 

Our Services for children in Primary School

Our model of intervention is using Solution Focused Therapy alongside mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique and emotional literacy.

We have successfully supported Primary Schools in Barnsley by offering wellbeing 1:1 sessions with their pupils who are struggling to manage their anxiety, stress or anger issues. 


Schools have used their budget for LAC and Pupil Premium to buy in this valuable service and have been highly commended by OFSTED.

Using a tool produced by NSPCC Solution Focused Toolkit, we work with children to build their resilience and use their own strengths to find their own answers to issues.  This enables the child to feel heard, to recognise they already hold many resources and to use the techniques if future issues arise.

They learn a whole set of techniques which many of them share with their friends to help them with issues.


Our therapists are all trained in Solution Focused Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Counselling.  They have received safeguarding training and Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

They are all fully insured, registered with an external therapeutic body and experienced in working with children with mental health issues such as attachment disorder, bereavement, anxiety, stress, sadness, isolation.


We believe that every child has the right to access support for mental health issues as anxiety, worries, fears, sadness as early as possible in their lives. 

This avoids their dependence on services in their adult life. 

Learning coping techniques as early intervention is key to producing well rounded individuals who grow up to be resilient adults and are more likely to achieve their preferred future.

Strong, resilient children move forward into adulthood with confidence to shape the future of our world.




Details of insurance, qualifications, DBS and policy documents will be given to you to ensure you are choosing a reputable organisation.


A common model used by many Primary Schools includes a yearly intervention package, term time only for 2 hours in the afternoon session, when literacy and numeracy have been taught.


The children have been offered ½ hour interventions and 4 children have been seen within this time.

In the sessions, children are guided through the Solution Focused approach, we use scaling as a tool of evidence.  We scale their happiness at the beginning of every session and get them to come up with ways in which they can rise to the next point, small, successful steps.


We then introduce them to the miracle question, ‘if you woke tomorrow and all your problems had vanished, what would be different about you’.  This is used to get them to think about their future preference, exactly what does being happy look like.

We guide them to think about what it is they want more of in their lives.

Using metaphor, we then take them on a journey to embed their thoughts about their preferred future.

Children require different lengths of intervention but mostly undertake around 7 sessions.

Solution Focused Therapy is about ‘problem free talk’, we do not focus on what is not working, we focus on what is working and how to get children doing more of this.

This leads to the children worrying less about the situations they cannot change.

We regularly report to SLT about the progress children are making and have provided reports for school and EHA meetings.

Parents are welcome in the first meeting but then to allow the child autonomy, we see the child alone (or with a member of staff if requested)


11 Churchfield Court, Barnsley, S70 2JT

01226 872120

Email admin@tadsbarnsley.co.uk




Emotional Wellbeing Support for 5 to 11 years.  Using the latest Counselling, Solution Focused Techniques and neuroscience.

We ask that you buy our service on a yearly basis, this ensures that we can employ the Therapist on a 12 month contract rather than sessional work.  Experience has told us that using Sessional Workers for contracts is not stable enough as they do not follow the same employment rules as employed workers.


Some issues that children have brought to sessions include:



Low Mood

Separation Anxiety


Looked After Children


Our schools are using their LAC and PP budget to pay for our intervention and have been commended for this by OFSTED.




FEES based on 2 hour intervention per week (increased hours are available to purchase)


September 2019 to July 2020 (39 weeks)


One Therapist working with your school for 2 hours per week (minimum buy in) seeing 4 children.  Recommended length of sessions per child at least 6.




Contracts are finalised with a Service Level Agreement which is binding to yourselves and our organisation.


In the event of absence through illness your school will either be covered by another Therapist or charged back to your school.

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If something's troubling you, get in touch:

Telephone our branch:

nal telephone:

116 123 (this number is free to call)


Email Samaritans:

Samaritans Barnsley

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