TADS Young People Wellbeing Centre Registered Charity Number 1173392
TADS Young People Wellbeing Centre Registered Charity Number 1173392 

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21st Jan 2019

Email from a Mum re her Son

<Good morning 
He's been attending the wednesday evening group which as now come to an end. I just want to say a massive thank you, as really enjoyed the course and the change in him is great I feel like I have the old son back. He is much more positive and knows exactly what he's aiming for at school and knows what he needs to do to achieve it, also his confidence is shining through. His school as also contacted me to express how pleased they are with the change in his attitude and to say he seems so much happier in himself. He has also said that if there was an opportunity for him to volunteer and help others he would like to do this. 
Thank you so much. 

Sarah Jay reviewed TADS Wellbeing Centre Barnsley — 5 stars5 star
July 4
February 12

I love the tads family and everything they're about such inspirational people....♡♡karen♡♡

February 15

Making a difference to young people by getting them to understand their own minds. My son loves learning about his brain!

TADS Young People's Wellbeing Centre Nov 17


'I don't know what I'd do without TADS' aged 16 years


'I love that I can be myself and not judged' aged 14 years


'I have bad days still but TADS lift me up' aged 17 years



Adult Wellbeing Workshop 7.11.17


'I was scared about coming but you are all lovely'


'thank you so much for listening to me and helping me'


                                                'its been really good, Ive 

                                                 learned stuff'

Feedback from our Parent Wellbeing group which runs for 8 weekly sessions - contact us to find when the next group is starting

Feedback from our age 7-11 group, 8 weekly sessions held when we were at The Core 2015 to 2017.

We are now at Churchfield Court, Barnsley

Please contact us for details of the next available group. 



TADS Young People's Wellbeing Centre Nov 15


'This is the only place that i feel happy'  Young Person


'I dont have as many panic attacks since I starting coming here' Young Person


'I feel more confident to try out new things when Im here with friends'  Young Person


'My daughter and I are getting on much better since coming to the 'drop in'  Parent


'When we are home and my daughter gets angry or upset at anything, I say 'what would Karen say'  Parent


Carlton Resource Physical Activity Rehab Centre 9.3.15


all the service users felt relaxed, they all really enjoyed the therapy

staff were very sociable, interacted well with service users, identified individual needs (about Carol)


Families Event at Barnardos 22.7.15


after treatments everyone felt -


extremely relaxed

feeling positive about their day

enjoyed the hand massage

want it again


how did they feel about staff


the service is invaluable

therapists presented as very approachable and sociable

very friendly and informative

very supportive of individual needs  (about Carol and Andrea)



Mrs M 4.8.15


'thank you for being not only a good therapist but a kind friend' 'When i first met you i was feeling down, i am a full time carer for my husband.......  i decided to have some therapies hoping it would pick me up and calm me down....... i have started to dance a little (very painful leg).....- 'i would recommend this therapy' (about Carol)



Young Person 'A' 5.9.15 from mum


'apart from moral support for A and me and all the preparation you did pre meeting, A said today - 'i dont think that meeting would have been as successful without Karen....'  'because he trusts you and you have given him so much support and he is beginning to believe in himself, he was willing to listen and take that brave step yesterday..... i just thought you needed to know how powerful your work and care is, never stop believing that you make a difference'


YP referral Form Apr 18
YP Referral Form feb 2018.odt
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Mindfulness Practice Sheet
Session1 - 2 - PRACTICE - mindfulness of[...]
Microsoft Word document [33.5 KB]


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